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Texas Art Asylum/The Center for Recycled Art

art books, art supplies, jars, pens, baskets, beads, bicycle frames/parts, blankets, blocks, caps, bags, broken things, buttons, wrappers, cameras, cards, tiles, clay, clothing, cans, office supplies, computer parts, containers, crayons, envelopes, eyeglass lens/framing, fabric, pots, gift wrapping, decorations, hats, jewelry, keys, old stuff, uniforms, shirts, toys, trinkets, scissors, photos, frames, magazines, mirrors, medical instruments, magnets, maps

call (713) 224-5220 or email info@texasartasylum.com

Texas Art Asylum is an art supply shop featuring creative funky options from shells to doll parts plus classes & events.



Accepted Items:


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For a full list of accepted items, please visit http://www.texasartasylum.com/donations.html

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