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Giving Costa Rican children hope one step at a time

Have any overflowing boxes of shoes? Are you in need of more closet space? If so, Souls Helping Soles is just the place for those old shoes!

Since third grade, my friend Lexi Guo, an eighth grader at Annunciation Orthodox School, has been involved with Souls Helping Soles. She first began collecting shoes for Souls Helping Soles, a national non-profit organization that collects and provides shoes to children in Costa Rica, with her Aunt Cindy.

At that time, Lexi’s Aunt Cindy was bravely battling Stage IV lung cancer. Sadly, Lexi's aunt later passed away at age 39. Lexi’s

commitment to Souls helping Soles was further inspired by her grandmother, who was only able to finish middle school because her parents could not afford to buy her shoes to walk to school in rural Taiwan. Inspired by her aunt’s dedication and her grandmother’s hardship, Lexi began the Houston chapter of Souls Helping Soles about a year and a half ago. So far, Souls Helping Soles in Houston has collected over 600 pairs of shoes. More than 250 pairs have been donated to Costa Rican children, about 300 pairs of shoes have been given to Hurricane Harvey victims, and the remaining shoes, dress shoes, have been donated to Dress for Success.

You can help Souls Helping Soles reach their goal of 1,500 pairs of shoes!

By donating to the Houston section of Souls Helping Soles, you can help a child have a better future. Many of us take our shoes for granted, but in Costa Rica, children are unable to attend school, play sports, and participate in other activities due to their lack of tennis shoes, black shoes for school, or soccer


If you have any gently used or new shoes, socks, or shoelaces that you would like to donate, please email the Houston chapter of Souls Helping Soles at soulshelpingsoleshtx@gmail.com to arrange a delivery or pick-up time. You can also learn more information about the Houston section of Souls Helping Soles, by visiting soulshelpingsoleshtx.org. Thank you for helping give children of Costa Rica hope one step at a time!


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